We Can't See The Forest For The Trees, 2019-2021

cardboard, paper
series of five collages, 40 x 70cm each

The forest is more than just a collection of trees, it is an oxygen producing factory, a water purifier, a habitat for different species of animals and plants, as well as an extension of our living rooms. In Slovenia, 60% of the land is covered by forest, so we take it for granted. We can learn a lot from the forest; about connectivity, interdependence, stability. A good example is the collective stability that occurs in a forest when the treetops touch. Trees are more resilient in groups than individually.

We Can’t See the Forest for the Trees is a series of collages that tackles the complex subject of the forest in the perspective of climate change. The collages link local stories from Slovenian forests to global forest-related events, to the forest's hitherto known functions and new roles manifested in the changing climatic conditions. Incorporated in the images and the legends are facts, statistics, legislation, daily newspaper articles, and people's opinions.
The collages are based on the artist's research into the forest, which she has been conducting in the formof walks, readings, and live dialogue since 2019, together with philosopher Mateja Kurir and art historian and sociologist of culture Urška Jurman.

The Bear is the King